Artist and Author Alley

Signup for the Artist and Author Alley hasn't yet opened.

Arisia invites you to become a part of Arisia's Artist & Author Alley. The Alley is designed for creators to showcase and sell their personal works, and allow our members to meet the people who created them. This can be art, books (self-published or start-up presses with only a few books), games, or almost anything else. You can do signings, sales, (non-messy) demos, or just chat to people from your Alley table. Vendors may quietly play music at the table. The Alley is not intended to be a substitute for getting a table in the Dealers Room.

The tables are 6' x 30". You can get either a full table for $120 for the full weekend or pay $60 for just Fri/Sat or Sun/Mon. A half table option is also available for half the price of a normal weekend or two-day table. The price of a table does not include a membership.

Please keep in mind that under MA state law, we are required to get MA tax IDs from each vendor at Arisia. This includes Alley participants, even if what they are selling is tax-free. Please see our web page describing "How to Apply for a Massachusetts Sales Tax ID" for further information. In addition, our Tax Czarina is willing to assist any vendors with the process. Her email is

To see what went on at the previous convention, look here.

A link to the form will be posted here when Artist/Author Alley is accepting applications.

If you have any questions, contact Thank you for your interest in Arisia's Author & Artist Alley!