New England's largest and most diverse science fiction and fantasy convention
January 16-19, 2015

Arisia 2015 Schedule Grid

Arisia 2015 Schedule Grid

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Friday Afternoon

Alcott The Plight of the Older Gamer
Adams You Know That’s Based on a Book, Right?
Douglas Otherkin and Therians
Faneuil Buying Off the Rack
Hale Reading: Chu, Longyear, and Shawl
Harbor I
 7 Wonders Boss Monster;
Pathfinder Society;
Waking Dreams Games;
Reach For The Stars;
D&D Expeditions: 1–1 Defiance in Phlan
 Invasion of the Body Snatchers  The Lottery FEATURE PLACEHOLDER FOUR: 90 MIN
 Satellite in the Sky Radio Free Albemuth
Webster Open Play Time
Marina 1 Do We Need Science Fiction?
Marina 2 The Supernatural Detective
Marina 3 The Gundam Universe
Marina 4 Comics Metallurgy: From Gold to Bronze and More
Grand A Kahler/Calkins Handfasting  
Grand B Learn/Assist with Shooting a Live TV Show
Grand DE Mrs. Hawking

Friday Evening

AlcottIntroduction to Arisia 3D Printing—Where Does It Go From Here? Games and Minority Representation  
AdamsMasquerade Basics Costuming to Body Type Cataloging  
BulfinchLARP—Ex Arcana: Legacy of the Broken Tower
DouglasAvoiding Con Crash WW II in SF/F Edge of Tomorrow and the World of Japanese SF  
FaneuilPsi, SF, and Storytelling  LARP—Nexus Elements (Part 1)  
HaleThe Care and Feeding of Secondary Characters Imagining an Anti-Oppressive SF/F Universe Circuit Bending Erotica Reading: Tan, Wilkins, and Williams
BurroughsState of the Muppets 2015 Addressing Sexual Harassment in Our Communities BDSM 101: A Beginner’s Guide Teasecraft Kinky Maker Meetup:Fun with Silicone!
GriffinFailing with Style in Games Bloody Songs Open Filk Filking into the Night
IndependenceMakers and Burners: Burning Man Calling Chainmail 101: European 4 in 1 Weave Getting Started with Cheap CNC  
Harbor I
Magic Draft;
The Unicorn’s Tears
Cuckoo for Cthulhu Frag Cuckoo for Cthulhu Waking Dreams Games (6pm)
FEATURE PLACEHOLDER FOUR: 90 MIN (6:30pm) They Live!  Home Movies from Worldcon Silent Movie: The Hunchback of Notre Dame (10:15pm)  
Radio Free Albemuth (5:30pm) Weekend Previews (7:20pm) Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier  Joss Whedon’s In Your Eyes (10:20pm) Kiss of the Damned (12:05am)
WebsterOpen Play Time (5:30pm)  
Lobby Guided Tour of Arisia  
Marina 1The Legend of Korra Remembering Robin Williams Fairy Tales on Film and TV  
Marina 2Brother Can You Spare a Shire? Class in SF&F Tricksters of All Trades Speculative Fiction: The Year in Review  
Marina 3The Map and the Story Transgender Fen: The Next Generation Paganism 101 Getting Started in the Public BDSM Scene
Marina 4There Came a Day Unlike Any Other... Comic Book Movies: The Gateway Drug Grant Morrison: Comic Book Supergod  
Grand AChain Mail Show & Tell  Everything in Game of Thrones Is Wrong  Drum Circle
Grand BLost Pig Performance  Matthew Ebel, Musician  Rocky Horror—Up Close and In Your Face
Grand DEMrs. Hawking (6pm)  Hallucinating Shakespeare  
Commonwealth Contra Dance  Techno Contra Club Dance

Friday Late Night

GriffinFilking into the Night (11:30pm)  
Harbor I
Waking Dreams Games (6pm)  
Kiss of the Damned (12:05am)  Forbidden Zone (1:45am) Thale Europa Report (4:15am) Owls’ Castle (5:45am)
Grand BRocky Horror—Up Close and In Your Face (12am)  
CommonwealthClub Dance (12am)  

Saturday Morning

Alcott COSMOS: A Spacetime Odyssey Convention Feedback
Adams Low-Fi Sci-Fi Movie Year in Review
Bulfinch LARP—Terosian Adventures
Douglas Best Manga Series That Don’t Have an Anime Housekeeping for Nerds Paneling 101: A Primer
Faneuil Worldbuilding for Games Does the Real World Belong in Games?
Hale Plan Your Con Mornings Religions, Holidays, and Rituals in Your Fiction Breathing Life into Your Player Character
Pool Singing in the Pool
Burroughs Saturday Morning Prayer Erasure Is Not Equality TheWorld Fantasy Award:Behind Lovecraft’s Back
Griffin Gender and Gaming Filk 101
Independence Materials Safety for the Artist The Future of Art Education
Harbor I
 Waking Dreams Games Pathfinder Society;
MoonQuake Escape;
Reach For The Stars;
Star Hero: Noble Ideas
Stone Age;
Ticket to Ride
The Perilous Halls of Sorrow
Warring Kingdom;
 Matango: The Fungus of Terror Dr. Who and the Daleks  Space Is the Place
Owls’ Castle (5:45am) Bringing Up Baby (8:05am) Particle Fever The Creation of the Humanoids
Fast Track
 Make Your Own Wings Learn to Knit;
Short Story Contest!
Webster Geeky Play Date Princesses & Princes Playdate  
Lobby Guided Tour of Arisia  
Marina 1 Recreations, with a Twist Cross-Cultural Costuming
Marina 2 The Arisia Book Club: Reading the Hugos Neurodiversity in SF/F
Marina 3 The Early Days of Gainax! Anime/Manga: Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That
Marina 4 Comics for Everyone from Nine to Ninety Nine The New Big Three: Image, Dark Horse, and IDW
Grand A Wand Dueling Workshop with HP-NYC Massachusetts Bay Colony 1630 Pike & Shot Drill A Roman Legion: Legio III Cyrenaica  
Grand B Masquerade / Rehearsal
Grand DE Improbable Research and the Ig Nobel Prizes
Commonwealth Gentle Yoga  Walk the Labyrinth Belly Dance Class  

Saturday Afternoon

AlcottAvoiding Culturefail World Building 101 Bicycles, Bicycles, Bicycles What Makes a Good Panel
AdamsAtheist Fen Religious and Philosophical Beliefs Gender-Variant Cosplay Using, Making, & Modifying Sewing Patterns
BulfinchLARP—Terosian Adventures (11:30am)  
DouglasAnime Cons: Behind the Scenes The Girl’s a Monster The Timeliness of Marvel Comics Building a Better Comic Shop
FaneuilPractical Considerations for Costumers Costume Foundations DIY Digital: Homemade Video Games The Internet Hate Train: Moving Past Gamergate
HaleGame Design From First Principles The Ecology of Fantasy Worlds Genre Soup From First Draft to Second Draft
BurroughsPretty Soldier Sailor Moon The Twelfth Doctor: Everybody Panic/Rejoice N.K. Jemisin Reading Designing Things That Don’t Exist
GriffinRounds and Other Voice Braidings Rousing Chorus Songs Ballads of the Supernatural Open Mic
IndependenceMaking Makers Make Handling Your Online Image As an Artist How To Do Cryptography Safe Making
Harbor I
The Big Board Game Tournament Pathfinder Society;
Space 1889: Red Sands;
Gamma-Ray Burst Over Sweetwater Shores
Firefly Board Game The Perilous Halls of Sorrow Star Wars X-Wing Cirque: Prison Break Suburbia;
Pathfinder Society;
Reach For The Stars;
Star Hero: Noble Ideas;
D&D Expeditions: 1–2 Secrets of Sokol Keep
Harbor III
Art Show
 Tactile Tour of the Art Show  
Space Is the Place (12:30pm)  The World’s End (2:15pm)  My Favorite Martian: Man from Uncle Martin Invasion of the Body Snatchers: Second Showing The Veldt
Gatchaman Beauty & The Beast Tim’s Vermeer (4:55pm)  Dimensions (6:15pm)
Fast Track
An Introduction to Magic: The Gathering;
Open Discussion Group: Books;
Duct Tape Roses
The Hobbit, Session 1
Fun With Card Games;
Papercraft Workshop
WebsterKamikaze Costuming;
Swords of Chivalry 1
Magic Show Dern Grim Bedtime Tales & Other Stories  
Marina 1What Censorship Is/Isn’t How to Disagree Better Foodcraft: How Science Can Reinvent Your Kitchen How They Lie with Statistics
Marina 2Unruly Places:When the Setting Does Not Behave Lost in Translation True Detective DC Comics on the Small Screen: 2015 Edition
Marina 3Poly 101: An Introduction Coming Out Transgender Fen Brain Chemistry, Personality, and the MBTI
Marina 4The Art of Lee Moyer Face Off: The Best Reality Show for Geeks 30 Years of Studio Ghibli Anime vs. Western Animation
Grand AThe Cutting Truth of the Sword  RKO ARMY PRESENTS Firefly—Out of Gas  Belly Dance Show
Grand BMasquerade / Rehearsal (10am)   
Grand DEImprobable Research and the Ig Nobel Prizes (12:30pm)  Psyche Corporation—Paranoid Spaceship Concert  Sailor Moon Concert  1,000 Suns concert
Commonwealth En Garde! SCA Rapier Fencing Demo SCA / Renaissance Dance Swing Dancing with Lessons A Gaslight Grand Assault of Arms  

Saturday Evening

AlcottFan Etiquette: How Not to Be That Fan Taverns, Bars and Saloons Fortune Telling Methods  
AdamsScience via Debate Alternative Energy Convention Running Tips  
BulfinchLARP—[MES] Vampire: the Masquerade (BNS)  
DouglasMen’s Costuming Challenges Shame on Slut-Shaming Can’t Trust Your Own Eyes: Photos and Photoshop  
FaneuilScience—Diversity Needed  LARP—Nexus Elements (Part 2)  
HaleCharacter Dynamics Judging and Being Judged in Costume Contests Stage Presentation: A Minute or Less to Impress  
PoolPanel in the Pool  
BurroughsTeen Heroes, UNITE! Race and Identity Issues in SF Crafting Spirits: Home Brewing and Distilling  
GriffinFunny Songs Open Singing Open Filk Filking into the Night
IndependenceMake a Renfair Rosette Photographing Costumes and Conventions Soldering 101 Make a Scale Flower (late night edition)
Harbor I
Suburbia (6pm);
Pathfinder Society (6pm);
Reach For The Stars (6pm);
Star Hero: Noble Ideas (6pm);
D&D Expeditions: 1–2 Secrets of Sokol Keep (6pm)
Thurn & Taxis The World’s Worst Dungeon Crawl DC Card Game The World’s Worst Dungeon Crawl
Harbor III
Art Show
 Docent Tour of the Art Show  
The Skin I Live In Elysium Extra Bad Movie: Serpent Island  
Dimensions (6:15pm) I Remember The Future Guardians of the Galaxy Lucy Lady Battle Cop
Webster LARP—Faros LARP Adventure—Minds of Madness  
Marina 1Marvel Cinematic (and TV) Universe, 2015 Person of Interest: Politically-Relevant SF TV Se7en and the Ragged Thriller Eye of Argon
Marina 2Dialect in SF/F Focus: From Solo Narrative to Sprawling Empire Orgasmatron: The Erotic & Not So Erotic in SF/F  
Marina 3Poly 301: When the Sh*t Hits the Fan Relationships 101 BDSM 201: The Next Steps Fun With Rope
Marina 4Behind the Bristol Board: Comics as a Profession Black Chick Watching Blurring The Lines: Paganism and Popular Culture  
Grand ABelly Dance Show (6:30pm)  PMRP present gender-swapped Space Seed  RKO ARMY PRESENTS Serenity
Grand B  
Grand DE1,000 Suns concert (6:30pm)  Best of the Kirk Poland Bad Prose Competition!  
Commonwealth Fairy Tale Ball  Club Dance

Saturday Late Night

GriffinFilking into the Night (11:30pm)  
Lady Battle Cop (12:30am) Amanda & the Alien (1:55am) Brazil Harvey (5:45am)
Grand ARKO ARMY PRESENTS Serenity (12am)  
Grand B 
CommonwealthClub Dance (11:30pm)  

Sunday Morning

Alcott Damsels of Color TV Year in Review
Adams Building your workshop / must-have Maker tools Arduino For Beginners
Bulfinch Reading: Cambias, Palmer, and Sakers Northern Lights Costumers’ Guild Meet-up
Douglas Costuming Without Breaking the Bank Broad Universe Rapid-Fire Reading
Faneuil So You Think You Can Write a Fight?  
Hale The Many Paths to Perdition Tales from the Slush Pile
Burroughs Sunday Morning Prayer Lightning Talks Superman and Religion
Griffin Practical Self-Defense  Best of Filk
Independence Chainmail For Breakfast The Year in Webcomics Military Influence on Costuming
Harbor I
 Waking Dreams Games Pathfinder Society Rails of New England;
Stone Age
Relic Knights;
Assassiner par les corbeaux;
Cirque: Ice Follies of 1111;
The Perilous Halls of Sorrow;
Space 1889: Red Sands
Reach For The Stars
 Godzilla vs. the Cosmic Monster  NASA Documentary Films Space Boy Soran  
Harvey (5:45am) My Little Pony: Equestria Girls (7:25am) My Little Pony: Equestria Girls—Rainbow Rocks (8:40am) Tenchi: The Samurai Astronomer Agora (12:20pm)
Fast Track
 Face Painting;
Quilting Basics;
Mister Penny
Webster Geeky Play Date Let’s Play Quidditch;
Science Experiments
Marina 1 Climate Science 2015 The Science Babe’s Guide to BS Detection
Marina 2 Untold Tales: Fox Spirits and Golden Slippers Inspiration—Art History & Modern Masters
Marina 3 Clamp: The Good, The Bad, and The Strange Ultraman, Power Rangers & the World of Tokusatsu
Marina 4 Kickstarter, Patreon, and Games LARPs beyond Lightning Bolt
Commonwealth Gentle Yoga  Walk the Labryinth  

Sunday Afternoon

AlcottTV Writing: Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror/Genre Story Autopsy The Year in Bad Science 2014 Science Year in Review
AdamsHot Topics in Cosplay How Fabric Works Games as Interactive Literature Video Games as Art
BulfinchReading: Altabef, Gladstone, Martin Reading: Hafer, Kimmel, and Oshiro Poetry Reading: Daniels, Odasso, Taaffe Reading: Ivey, Roy, Silverman
DouglasVertical Press and “Alternative Manga” Flirt Like a Pro Fan Speak: The Language of Fandom Fandom Etiquette
FaneuilLARP—The Realms: The Mountain Citadel
HaleMIT at 150 How We Learn Worldbuilding with the Soft Sciences The Medium and the Message
BurroughsN.K. Jemisin Reading and Q&A Arisia Corporate Meeting The Arisia Curmudgeon Panel Doom, Gloom, & Despondency
GriffinThe Strong Sound Chantey Sing Your Voice and How to Love It Improv Theater Workshop
IndependenceSo You Want to Start a Convention? Portfolio Review with Lee Moyer Pitch Session with N.K. Jemisin Chainmail 102: Byzantine Weave
Harbor I
Power Grid Pathfinder Society;
Warring Kingdom;
How Many Clones Does it Take to Change a bulb?;
Gamma-Ray Burst Over Sweetwater Shores
Munchkin Tournament Cirque: Ferris Wheel;
The Perilous Halls of Sorrow
Merchants of Venus;
Pathfinder Society;
Lords of Waterdeep;
Star Wars X Wing Tournament;
D&D Expeditions: 1–3: Shadows over the Moonsea
Harbor III
Art Show
 Guest of Honor Tour of the Art Show  
The 21st Century Under the Atmosphere Repo Man  Outer Limits: Premonition Classic Trailer Park Elysium—Second Showing
Agora (12:20pm)  This Week in Brit TV
Fast Track
Collectible Card Games;
Kids Crafts with Maker Parents;
Open Discussion Group: TV;
The Hobbit, Session 2
Open Discussion Group: Movies;
Little Homes
Beyond Hogwarts: A Young Fan’s Reading List;
Fun with Legos
WebsterKamikaze Costuming: Props & Accessories;
I’ve Got All the Balls in the Air, Now What?;
Children’s Filk Concert;
Swords of Chivalry 2
Kamikaze Costuming: Props & Accessories Improv Theater Games For Kids;
Balloon Cars
 NERF Gun War
Marina 1Disaster Preparedness for Fans Queering Up Canon Read All the Things! Super Robot Anime
Marina 2Women Destroy Science Fiction The Almanac of Dead Guardians,Teachers,& Mothers Saving the World vs. Changing the World Positive Representations of Women’s Sexuality
Marina 3Building a Poly Home Anime 101: My Kid is Watching What? Outlander: Scotland, Romance, and Time Travel! Castle Above The Clouds: Gargoyles at 20
Marina 4The Quest: Behind the Scenes The Arisia Mega Fan-Casting Panel How to Not Be Awful: The Ecology of Comic Fandom Diversity in Comics and the Readership
Grand A Wand Dueling Workshop with HP-NYC  Highland Charge!  The Martial Arts of ‘A Game of Thrones’  
Grand B Masquerade / Rehearsal  
Grand DEPsyche Corporation—Cyberpunk Fairytale Concert  Real: A One Act Play The Devil In The Details: A One Act Play  
Commonwealth Salem Zouaves: Civil War Swords & Sabers Salem Zouaves: Civil War Musket & Bayonet Drill Civil War dance  

Sunday Evening

AlcottIf You Like X, You May Like Y (Anime) Space Dandy: A Dandy Panel, Baby The Best and Worse of Hentai  
AdamsFor Science! Transhumanism—The Sum of our Parts  
BulfinchMiniatures and Modeling for Gamers and Fans Art and Copyright  
DouglasLawyers in SF/F The Nature of Gender: Past, Present and Future  
HaleSelf-Publishing 101: Fiction, Non-Fiction & RPGs Make a Scale Flower  
BurroughsVideo Gaming Year in Review Diversity and Inclusion  
GriffinBawdy Songs Open Filk Open Singing Tune and Song Jam
IndependenceAuthentic Voices: Dialogue and Dialect  
Harbor I
Star Wars: Sith Relics Fafnir’s Treasure Waking Dreams Games (8am)  
Elysium—Second Showing (6:30pm) The Skin I Live In (Second Show)  Dirty Movie: 2069 A Sex Odyssey
This Week in Brit TV (3pm) The Fisher King The Zero Theorem (10:20pm) Les 1001 Nuits (12:05am)
WebsterNERF Gun War (6pm)  
Marina 1Sleepy Hollow Beyond The Guild: Webseries Worth Watching Magickal Traditions: A Review  
Marina 2Fear Is the Mind-Killer: Dune at Fifty Topical, Typical, and Trope-ical Does It Matter if SF Is Wrong about the Future?  
Marina 3Asexuality 101 Navigating Non-monogamy Introduction to Power Exchange Negotiation and BDSM
Marina 4Wonder Women: The Great Heroines of Comics! No Capes! Non-Superhero Comics Game of Thrones: 2015 Edition  
Grand AMasquerade Doors Open Masquerade  
Grand B 
Grand C Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog
Grand DE 

Sunday Late Night

GriffinTune and Song Jam (11:30pm)  
Les 1001 Nuits (12:05am) Shock Treatment (1:40am) Space Station 76 (3:10am)  I Wake Up Yesterday (4:45am)  
Grand CBuffy: the Vampire Slayer Once More With Feeling  
Grand DE 

Monday Morning

Alcott Eat Your Vegetables Where the Hell is Everyone?
Adams I Give Up! Knowing When to Walk Away.
Bulfinch Reading: Lipkin, Salaam, Vanderhooft
Douglas Poly Parenting Magical Girls: Sugar, Spice and Kickin’ Butt
Faneuil LARP—Nexus Elements (Part 3)  
Hale Memorable Characters Managing Backstory
Burroughs Masquerade Show and Tell
Griffin NESFA Hymnal sing
Independence Inspired By
Harbor I
 Waking Dreams Games Pathfinder Society Puerto Rico;
Caverna: The Cave Farmers;
The Unicorn’s Tears
Magic Draft Lords of Waterdeep
 Audience Choice Film  
P-51 Dragon Fighter (6:45am) Time Bandits (8:10am) Selected Shorts Coming Attractions 2015–2019
Fast Track
 What Do You Mean, 10 and Up?;
Open Discussion: The One and Only Harry Potter
Learn to Crochet
Webster Geeky Play Date Classic Playground Games Swords of Chivalry 3
Marina 1 Running Great Games Death in Gaming
Marina 2 The Gods of The Inheritance Trilogy Non-Genre Books That Fans Love
Marina 3 Anime and Their Remakes Fandom and Disability-Comments on Best Practices
Marina 4 Free Kazoo: Freakazoid’s 20th Anniversary The Hobbit: An Unexpectedly Long Journey

Monday Afternoon

AlcottAnime Out into the Wider World Convention Feedback  
AdamsThe Indie Ghetto Yarn Bombing!  
BulfinchReading: Crooks, DeCandido, Schneyer Reading: Arthen, Gilman, Hunt  
DouglasBirding 101  
FaneuilLearn from my Fail: Costume Horror Stories Historical Costuming  
HaleWriting and Racial Identity  
BurroughsCooperative Games  
GriffinDead Dog Open Filk
IndependenceChainmail 101: European 4 in 1 Weave  
Harbor I
Lords of Waterdeep (12pm) Magic Draft (11am) Dungeonton Abbey  
Marina 1Corsets, Clockwork, Colonialism: Perspective Beyond the Stereotypes  
Marina 2The Wonderful Panel of Oz  
Marina 3Alternative Activism The Autism Community  
Marina 4Representations of Disability on the Screen The Infamous Bad Book Covers Panel