Arisia'16 will be the last year of a dedicated room showing 35mm films (actual celluloid). We're planning on going out with a bang. If you have questions or suggestions please contact In the mean time, please click here to see what happened at Arisia 2015.

Some of the films we're thinking of showing for A'16 are:

A Boy And His Dog
Our silent movie with live music.
Get Smart
Dinosaur Corps Koseidon
Jonny Quest: Werewolves of Timberland
Bad Film:They Saved Hitler's Brain
Andromeda Strain
Space Science for Beginners
NASA Documentary Films
8th Man: Armored Man
Fantastic Four
Original Hanna-Barbera TV print from the 1960 (unedited)
Sins of the Fleshapoids
Night of the Comet
Classic Trailer Park