Schedule Grid - Arisia 2021

Panels hosted in Panel Rooms 1-6 also have chats happening in Discord during the panel time. continuing for 30 minutes after panel in corresponding rooms on Discord (under Programming and Events). Visit Discord to join in the conversation!

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Friday Afternoon

Zoom Room 1  Hold Your Enthusiasm: Problematic Things  
Zoom Room 2  Creating Art on Commission  
Zoom Room 3  Tabletop GM Meetup  
Zoom Room 4  Virtual Meeting Etiquette  
Gaming  Among Us—Friday Edition Pathfinder 1e #7–10 The Consortium
LARP  The No-Fly List
Fast Track  Fast Track Meet and Greet

Friday Evening

Zoom Room 1Writing in the Age of COVID   Pandemic Fiction: Before and After   Love Potion # (COVID-1) 9  
Zoom Room 2Learn From My Fail: Costume Horror Stories   Schitt’s Creek: Simply the Best   Friday Night Readings  
Zoom Room 3The Internet and the Human Psyche   Creating Comics: From Idea to Finished Product  
Zoom Room 4Gaming at Arisia 2021: Start Here   Sing-along: Musicals and Show Tunes   Open Singing  
Zoom Room 5Arisia 2021: Navigating the Convention  
Zoom Room 6The Year in Science, 2020   Holding Space for Trans Arisians  
Performance HallMrs Hawking: Fallen Women   Rocky Horror—Shiver with Antici... pation  
GamingReturn to the Stars: New Worlds, New Civs; Graves Left Wanting Space Cats—Jasper’s Pit Stop Friday Tabletop Jamboree Cosmic Encounter—Friday Edition
LARPThe No-Fly List (6pm) The Pro-Synthoid Liberation Society  
Discord  MST3K Turkey Day Marathon 2020  
Fast TrackFast Track Meet and Greet (5:30pm)  

Friday Late Night

GamingCosmic Encounter—Friday Edition (11pm)  

Saturday Morning

Zoom Room 1  Just the Facts: Batteries  
Zoom Room 2  The Challenger Disaster at 35   Art and Storytelling  
Zoom Room 3  Remote Options for Gaming   Suzanne Palmer Reading  
Zoom Room 4  Rousing Chorus Songs   Speed Songwriting  
Zoom Room 6  The Revival of the Black Panther   How to Be an Anti-Racist in SF/F/H  
Performance Hall  Swords Are Fun! with Sword Lesson and Live Q&A   Massachusetts Historical Swordsmanship Demo  
Gaming  Rosie’s Zoom Stamp Game!; Space Cats—Magma Galaxy Vista Among Us—Saturday Edition Space Cats—Magma Galaxy Vista Chiseled: A Deck-Sculpting Card Game; Takenoko Tournament; Starfinder #1–01 The Commencement
LARP  Midnight Run; The No-Fly List Long Time Listener, Last Time Caller
Fast Track  Papercraft Workshop   An Introduction to Magic: The Gathering; Dern Grim Bedtime Tales & Other Stories  

Saturday Afternoon

Zoom Room 1Living with a Disability in 2021   The Monomyth Myth: Non-Western Narratives   The Octavia Butler future is now   Just the Facts: Supervolcanoes  
Zoom Room 2Framing Unusual Things   Cosplay Procrastination: Motivation Without Cons   New Tech for Costumers   Cut the Boring Parts  
Zoom Room 3Directors’ Tour of the Art Show   Experimental Comics Formats: Then and Now   Saturday Afternoon Readings   Gender Non-Binary Mixer & Safe Space  
Zoom Room 4Movie Novelizations   Surviving the Apocalypse Emotionally   Good Story Songs   Traditional Ballad Bingo  
Zoom Room 5Saturday Feedback Sessions   Descriptive Tour of the Art Show  
Zoom Room 6  From Social Justice to Kindness   Selections from the Ig Nobel Awards
Zoom Room 7  En Garde! SCA Rapier Fencing Demo & Crash Course   Feed Your Inner Demon—A Journey Dance  
Performance HallMrs Hawking: Gentlemen Never Tell  
GamingWhat Gooey Webs We Weave—Saturday The Planet That Never Sleeps; Space Cats—Space Station
LARPMidnight Run (10am); The No-Fly List (10am) Too Polite Too Polite Project Márohu; Repro: A Make a Scene Preview
DiscordFeatured Dealers Chat  
Fast TrackPictionary with Robots The Neverwinter Adventuring Academy Session 1 Children’s Filk Concert The Neverwinter Adventuring Academy Session 1 A Young Fan’s Reading List  

Saturday Evening

Zoom Room 1Intersectionality in Social Justice   Neurodiversity in Science Fiction and Fantasy   Teasecraft Kinky Maker Meetup: Show & Tell (18+)  
Zoom Room 2How to Participate in the SFF Art Show World   Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading   Cereal and Cartoons: Saturday Mornings Revisited  
Zoom Room 3Comfort Food Media: Extreme Stay-at-Home Edition   Polyamory Meetup   Through the Door: The Appeal of Portal Stories  
Zoom Room 4Making Friends as an Adult   The Future of Food   Open Singing  
Zoom Room 5Arisia 2021: Navigating the Convention  
Zoom Room 6  Gender Swapped Star Trek: Mirror, Mirror  
Performance Hall  Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Once More with Feeling Dr Horribile’s Sing-A-Long Blog Arisia’s Saturday Night Club Dance
GamingYedo: The Game; Darktide’s Night—Saturday; Saturday Tabletop Jamboree Jumpspace Downtime; Jackbox Games—Saturday Edition Cosmic Encounter—Saturday Edition
LARPProject Márohu (5pm); Repro: A Make a Scene Preview (5pm) Project Márohu (5pm)  
Discord  Time Travel Tropes   Doctor Who Mini-Episodes  

Saturday Late Night

GamingCosmic Encounter—Saturday Edition (11pm)  

Sunday Morning

Zoom Room 1  What Are the Kids Reading Now?   BIPOC SciFi and Fantasy Authors You Need to Read  
Zoom Room 2  Handling Your Online Image as an Artist   Go Team Venture! (and close the door behind you)  
Zoom Room 3  The Year (or Years) Without a Comic-Con  
Zoom Room 4  Solar System Tourism   Working with Sensitivity Readers  
Zoom Room 5  Hannibal King Tour of the Art Show  
Zoom Room 6  Just the Facts: COVID-19  
Zoom Room 7  Live Introductory Longsword Lesson   Myths of Medieval Warfare
Performance Hall  Boston Lightsaber~Jedi High School Show & Review  
Gaming  M.U.L.A. (Monster User License Agreement); Space Cats—Sector B Ahead! Rouge One: A Cosplay Story; 7 Wonders Tournament
LARP  The No-Fly List Murder at Elm Hall
Fast Track  Coding for Kids   Short Story Contest; Magic Show: Daniel Dern  

Sunday Afternoon

Zoom Room 1Age and Fandom: What it looks like after 50   Is It Cultural Appropriation?   Mining History’s Neglected Corners   Pets and Writers  
Zoom Room 2The Keanussaince   Chantey Sing   Accessible Magic  
Zoom Room 3Introduction to Birding   Just the Facts: Black Holes   POC Meetup  
Zoom Room 4Harry Dresden Is Back!   Gender Diversity in Speculative Fiction   Sunday Afternoon Readings 1   Sunday Afternoon Readings 2  
Zoom Room 5Arisia January Corporate Meeting  
Zoom Room 6The Year in BAD Science, 2020   TV Year in Review   Catalyze Short Play Readings  
Zoom Room 7Myths of Medieval Warfare (12:30pm)   Teen Swordplay   Starship Magic
Performance Hall  Dr Who: The Starship of Madness (Prerecorded)  
GamingWhat Gooey Webs We Weave—Sunday; Jackbox Games—Sunday Edition Among Us—Sunday Edition Savage Worlds: Relics and Rayguns
LARPMurder at Elm Hall (12pm) The No-Fly List (10am) Radio Silence; Jewel Warriors Jewel Warriors The No-Fly List (10am)
DiscordFeatured Dealers Chat  
Fast TrackCartooning & Comic Creating   Pokemon TCG; Costuming and Cosplay for Kids   Science Experiments; The Neverwinter Adventuring Academy Session 2 The Neverwinter Adventuring Academy Session 2  

Sunday Evening

Zoom Room 1Parenting in Times of Turmoil   Wattpad, AO3, and Alternative Reading Sources  
Zoom Room 2The Play Is the Thing: Low Mechanics RPGs   Sunday Evening Readings 1   Sunday Evening Readings 2  
Zoom Room 3Asexuality and Aromantic Umbrella Meetup   The Arisia Munch (18+)  
Zoom Room 4Problematic Art Beyond Books and Movies   Songwriting Round-Table   Open Singing  
Performance Hall  The Arisia Masquerade   Arisia Flashback Dance
GamingRotblack Sludge; Darktide’s Night—Sunday Rotblack Sludge  
LARPTales of the Future: Volume 1  
Discord  Trailer Park   Retro Trailer Park  

Monday Morning

Zoom Room 1  Education Theory and Remote Learning   Navigating Intimacy During a Pandemic  
Zoom Room 2  Reading When the World is On Fire   The Animal Crossing Phenomenon  
Zoom Room 3  Muppets: Most Wanted!  
Zoom Room 4  Dare to Be Nerdy: “Weird Al” at 45   Living that Virtual Life  
Zoom Room 6  Great Hera!: 80 Years of the Amazing Amazon  
Zoom Room 7  Bad Ad-Hoc Hypotheses
Gaming  What Gooey Webs We Weave—Monday Savage Worlds: Legion of Liberty Among Us—Monday Edition Savage Worlds: Legion of Liberty
LARP  The No-Fly List
Fast Track  Fast Track Farewell

Monday Afternoon

Zoom Room 1Leadership in Fantasy and Science Fiction   All the World’s a Stage!  
Zoom Room 2Virtual Sewing Circle: How Do I Do the Thing?   Knitting Circle  
Zoom Room 3Arisia+: Gently Down the Stream(ing Services)   1986: The Year Nobody Left the Comic Shop  
Zoom Room 4Neurodiversity Meetup  
Zoom Room 5  Monday Feedback Session  
Zoom Room 6“Tunnel of Terror” Splendid Teapot Race Results  
LARPThe No-Fly List (10am)   The Batcave  
Fast TrackFast Track Farewell (11:30am)  

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