Hotel Search

The Westin Boston Seaport District is not available on our weekend in 2025. Arisia is still talking to them and to multiple other hotels in the Boston area that do have availability on our preferred weekend of January 17-20, 2025, including some we have enjoyed working with in the past.

As our existing contract ended with Arisia 2024, the Arisia Corporate eBoard and our Hotel Search committee are working on hotel selection and possible contracts for Arisia 2025 and future years.

We’re considering many factors, ranging from dates, cost to both the convention and attendees, accessibility within the hotel, transportation options to the hotel, and general size of the convention we’ve had, expect to have, and want to have over the coming years.

As we move quickly to identify a hotel for Arisia 2025, we’d like to include your needs, wants, and hopes for the future. Please take a moment to share your priorities and ideas in the form below or click here.

The survey will remain open through January 28, 2024.

Keep in mind that the perfect hotel does not exist, but understanding what is important to our attendees helps us look for something that gets us as close as we can get!