Progress Report 2: Arisia 2021

Hello from the Con Chair team! We have some new information to keep you up to date.  

Based on the latest guidance from Massachusetts Governor Baker, the Con Chair team has determined that Arisia 2021 will almost certainly be a virtual convention. 

Because an online Arisia convention is new to all of us, Arisia staff are working around the clock to learn from other conventions gone virtual about what emerging best practice is. We are especially excited for staff and community who have attended virtual conventions to share with us your experiences. Share with us what you liked about the online con experience, or share what you found frustrating. Was it a bandwidth issue? Discussion format/moderator problem? We want to know and learn together!

At the most recent Corporate meeting, the Arisia corporate membership voted to clarify that the Arisia Code of Conduct applies to all Arisia activities and communications, including Listservs and other online spaces.

We also have some new staff to announce:

  • Vivian Abraham has joined the team as an Assistant Con Chair.    Ordinarily, we have a single Con Chair and multiple Assistant Con Chairs, each covering a few Divisions.  This year is unusual, in that we have a large group acting as the Con Chair.  Vivian will assist us by facilitating communication among senior staff, keeping the convention planning moving on the tight schedule necessary to put the convention together by January, and assisting with recruitment of volunteer staff.  In addition, she brings a variety of creative ideas that will hopefully enable us to transfer the Arisia spirit of community from an in-person to an online convention.
  • Gail Terman will return as Gaming Division Head.  
  • After a short hiatus, Etana is re-appointed as Communications Division Head.
  • Alex Morgan will step up to the role of Publications Division Head.
  • Jodie Lawhorne will be taking on Safety Division Head.

We are grateful for the perseverance and continued commitment shown by all our senior staff.

The volunteers form is live at  People interested in volunteering are warmly invited to fill this out!

We are also publishing our calendar of ConCom meetings, which are open to all:

     Tuesday, September 15, at 7pm
     Sunday, October 25, at 2pm
     Tuesday, November 17, at 7pm
     Sunday, December 13, at 2pm
     Tuesday, January 5, at 7pm


We hope that you are having a safe and healthy, but nevertheless enjoyable summer. We’re about to launch into our busiest time of planning Arisia, and it’ll be great to have you along. 

     on behalf of the Con Chair team

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