Q: What is the state of the Westin's HVAC system?
A: Westin Hotel's HVAC System Details as of November 20, 2021:
Guest Rooms: Each room has its own HVAC system. In addition, each room has a fresh outside air supply in their rooms along with an exhaust vent in each bathroom.
Meeting Space: All HVAC units go through a strict PM program 4 times per year. They each have a dual filtration system. Each unit has fresh air supply and a return fan to exhaust.


Q: Which rooms will be exempt from the mask requirement?
A: This is the list as of October 28, 2022.  It'll be updated as rooms are added.  There may be rooms we missed.


Function Room
Con Suite Grand C and D
Masquerade Green Room (one of the two rooms will have snacks) ???
More coming soon  

Masquerade participants and some musicians are exempt from wearing masks while on stage.