Student Contest Liaison

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This position reports to the Youth Services division and coordinate with the Student Art Contest and Student Writing Contest chairs, Masquerade staff, and Art Show staff in order to:

  • Meet art contest students at the art show on Friday, ensure their art is checked in, and that they have the information they need to enjoy the con and get their art back at the end of the weekend.
  • Coordinate with the Student Art Contest chair on making sure art gets judged.
  • Coordinate with Contest chairs and Masquerade staff to create PowerPoint/PDF and script for award presentation at Masquerade on Sunday.
  • Coordinate with corporate treasurer to collect checks for winners in advance of award presentation during Masquerade.
  • Coordinate with Masquerade staff to ensure Students and their guests are seated appropriately, and award presentation happens during Masquerade.
  • Help students check their art out of the show at the end of the weekend, and coordinate with the SAC chair on mailing art back to students.
  • Pre-con
  • At-con