Vaccination Verification is now open for business!

Arisia 2023 Vaccination Verification Procedure

The full text of the COVID Policy for Arisia 2023 can be found at

Arisia 2023 will be following CDC recommendations regarding what constitutes being up to date for COVID vaccinations (See As of November 1, 2022, the CDC guidance states that a person is up to date if they have received a primary vaccination series and the most recent booster recommended by the CDC. Bivalent boosters are available for anyone age 5 and over. Children under age 5 are currently only eligible for the monovalent booster.

Vaccination Verification

In order to have one’s vaccination status verified for attending Arisia 2023, please first make sure you are registered for Arisia 2023. Then all one needs to do is:

Send an email message to @email containing information that will assist us in identifying your registration (any names you’ve used, your phone number & badge number), with a scan of your up-to-date vaccination card or other verified documentation of vaccination. 

Once a member of the Vaccination Verification team has verified that you are registered and properly vaccinated, they will record your vaccination status on your registration record and delete the information you sent in, so no copy is retained.  They will save only the fact that you have met the requirement.  They will also send you an email confirming your status.

If you do not want to send in a copy of your vaccination documentation, simply send an email message to @email requesting a Zoom appointment where you can display the documentation via video.  There will be no recording, and a Vaccination Verification team member will verify your vaccination and your registration and update the registration files with your status.  If you wish, they will also send you an email confirming your status.

Please address any questions via email to @email .