Arisia will be held at the Westin Boston Waterfront.

425 Summer Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02210

Please e-mail with any questions or concerns. Also check the FAQ.

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Westin Boston Waterfront Rates

Room Type Rate
King $162       
Double-Double $184       
Executive Suites; Skyline Suites; One Bedroom Harborview Suites $320        
  • All hotel rates are per night and do not include the 14.45% room tax.
  • All rates are for all occupancy levels, but no more than 4 people may stay in a room.
  • If you want a room on Saturday, you will also need to book Friday or Sunday night for a two night minimum. If you want a single night that is not Saturday, you will need to make a reservation for two nights and then fill out the special request form.
  • Rooms include free in-room wireless internet.
  • Reservations may be made from Thursday Jan 12th through Monday Jan 16th.  If you would like a room outside of those dates, make a reservation and use the Special Request form to request a change to your reservation dates.
  • Suites are assigned by request.

The only way to reserve a hotel room for Arisia at the Westin, is to book it through Arisia. If you call their 800 number or use the public Westin website, you will be told that rooms are not available.