Art Show

2015 Art Show just before opening on Friday 2D panels in the 2015 Art Show GoH display and 3D tables in the 2015 Art Show

Located in the Harbor Ballroom upstairs on the east side of the hotel, Arisia's Art Show will feature the work of our Artist Guest and scores of other artists in media from Acrylic and Bronze to Watercolor and Wood and everything in between. Most works will be for sale by silent auction or Quicksale or both. More information, including sales statistics, are available for last year's Art Show.

If you are not familiar with science fiction art shows, there is a useful description on this Yahoo page. Anne E G Nydam took a nice photo of her art up on our panels.

Art Show reservations are now open.

There will be a series of docent tours of the Art Show, including an accessible tour. Check the program schedule for details, and be sure to set aside some time to come and enjoy the show!