Art Show

Located in the Harbor Ballroom upstairs on the east side of the hotel, Arisia's Art Show will feature the work of our Artist Guest and scores of other artists in media from Acrylic and Bronze to Watercolor and Wood and everything in between. Most works will be for sale by silent auction or Quicksale or both. More information, including sales statistics, are available for last year's Art Show.
2015 Art Show just before opening on Friday 2D panels in the 2015 Art Show GoH display and 3D tables in the 2015 Art Show
Space in the art show is sold out. However, we expect that some space will become available from our waiting list.

If you are registered for the Arisia 2015 art show, please check in your pieces online.

Artists exhibiting at Arisia '16 include: Abrihette, Dawn and Oliver Albright, Ashley Almeida, Julia Austein, Keith Barkhau, E. J. Barnes, Alan F. Beck, Bishonen Judge, Marie Byrne, Kristina Carroll, Victoria Chapman, Peri Charlifu, Rachel Chasteen, Alan M. Clark, Sarah Clemens, LJ Cohen, Daniel Cortopassi, Dene V. Crystal, Laurel Cunningham-Hill, Cyd, Charlene Taylor D'Alessio, Bob Eggleton, Wendy Ellertson, Eve, Sara Felix, Meg Frank, Emily Garfield, Mike Greenberg, Carol Hanson, Liana Hertel, Lisa Hertel, Allen Holt, Heidi Hooper, Jennifer Husmo, Jeliza, Ryan Klemek, Johnna Klukas, LARP Adventure Program, Scott Lefton, Talia Lefton, Lemaris Designs, Justin Lewis, Julia Burns Liberman, Lubov, Mantis, Max Martelli, Theresa Mather, Diane M. Mathieson, Mike Maung, Sally Mayer, Veronica McNulty, Christine Mitzuk, Heather M Morris, Sarah "Tashari" Morrison, Lee Moyer, Thomas Nackid, Ben Newman, Arden Ellen Nixon, Anne E.G. Nydam, Otter, David Lee Pancake, pecan, Marianne Plumridge, Kimball M. Rudeen, Mark Roland, Amy Russell, Carol Salemi, Ruth Sanderson, Sandra SanTara, Scrumpy, Donna Shapleigh, Maurice Spaulding, Andrew Sprague, Jess Steytler, Kendra Tornheim, Joan Turner, Andy Volpe, Weegoddess, and Raelinda Woad.

Art Show Hours:
noon to 5pm: Artist Check-in
6pm to 9pm: OPEN
10am to 6pm: OPEN
8pm to 10pm: OPEN
10am to 6pm: OPEN
4pm: Paper auctions end
5pm to 7pm: Auction and quicksale pickup
10am to noon: Final Sales and Artist Check-out