New England's largest and most diverse science fiction and fantasy convention
January 16-19, 2015

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Walking Tours of Arisia

This year, there will be walking tours of Arisia, on Friday at 8:30 PM (after the Welcome to Arisia for Newcomers) and again at 10:00 AM on Saturday morning.

They will be leaving from the Information Desk. If you are new to Arisia, have a hard time finding your way around, or are an Arisia veteran and want to see how the convention has grown, this tour is for you. The tour will cover most convention areas of the hotel, and will cover highlights and "not to be missed" events at the convention.

Firefly Shadowcasts

The RKO Army will be presenting three Firefly-related shadowcasts at this year's Arisia! On Saturday, we'll have "Out of Gas" at 4:30pm and "Serenity" at midnight.

On Sunday, we'll have a special presentation of "Jaynestown" during halftime of the Masquerade. So wear your Jayne hat and sing along to "The Hero of Canton" while the judges work.

Chain Mail Swap

Calling Arisia chain mailers young and old!

We are running a Chain Mail Swap, scheduled for Friday night at 7. Bring your creations, works, and wears and show them off. Please contact, as we need a head count to make sure there are enough tables to go around.

We are very excited to hear from you all, and to seeing all your work.

Ig Nobels at Arisia

Nominate someone to be a reader at the Ig Nobel presentation at Arisia '15!

From their website:

"Our readers will present dramatic mini-readings (each 2 minutes maximum) from patents and research papers that have won the Ig Nobel Prize - and you can help us choose some of those readers."

So if you know someone you feel would be great at reading, check out that page and nominate away!

Programming Policy Change

Arisia recently informed previous panel participants of a change in Programming policy, reducing the number of potential participants invited to be a panelist for Arisia 2015. We've received some feedback, most of it positive, some not, and wish to address some of that publicly.

Detcon1 Party!

Arisia is holding a party at Detcon1! If you're at the con come on by and say hi!

Thursday night at 10pm in Room 6910.

Brainstorming is open!

Do you have a cool idea for a panel, concert event, lecture, discussion group or other cool things you'd like to see at Arisia? Let us know!

There are a few ways ways to suggest ideas for content at Arisia.

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