January 16 - 19, 2015

Westin Boston Waterfront hotel

Author Guest of Honor: N. K. Jemisin

Artist Guest of Honor: Lee Moyer

Fan Guest of Honor: Colette H. Fozard



Thank you for coming to Arisia'14. If you have anyone comments about A'14, please send them to www.arisia.org/feedback

Masquerade Registration is now open!

The Arisia 2015 Masquerade Registration form is now live on the Arisia web site.

Please read the Masquerade Rules at http://www.arisia.org/MasqRules and then go to the registration page at http://www.arisia.org/MasqSignup.

The Masquerade is SUNDAY night at 8pm with doors opening at 7pm.

Programming Policy Change

Arisia recently informed previous panel participants of a change in Programming policy, reducing the number of potential participants invited to be a panelist for Arisia 2015. We've received some feedback, most of it positive, some not, and wish to address some of that publicly.

Hotel Reservations Are Now Open!

Hotel Reservations opened this morning, September 9th. If you'd like to make a reservation please visit http://www.arisia.org/Hotel

A'15 Progress Report #1

The first Progress Report for Arisia'15 went out recently with information of Registration, Hotel Reservations (opens on September 9th), and Volunteering.

You can see it at: http://www.arisia.org/PR1-A15

If you would like to get future Progress Reports by email, you can signup by going to: http://www.arisia.org/PR-Signup

Detcon1 Party!

Arisia is holding a party at Detcon1! If you're at the con come on by and say hi!

Thursday night at 10pm in Room 6910.


Brainstorming is open!

Do you have a cool idea for a panel, concert event, lecture, discussion group or other cool things you'd like to see at Arisia? Let us know!

There are a few ways ways to suggest ideas for content at Arisia.

Programming Update

The brainstorm forums remain open year 'round. You can continue to submit ideas for future conventions whenever you like. And see our Program Participant Form if you'd like to get an invitation to Arisia programming.

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