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Assistant Div Head, Hotel Liaison

At-Con responsibilities involve acting as a hotel Liaison at the convention, being on call, as well as supporting the Div Head or acting as Div Head when the main Div Head is not available. This is probably 16-20 hours at-con.

Pre-Con you will be expected to stay up-to-date and informed about hotel issues and responsibilities by following the hotel, innkeeper and party email aliases, and to provide support in a variety of tasks for the division head. You will also be expected to attend pre-con division head and concom meetings. The ideal candidate is able to interact well with fans and with hotel staff in a polite and professional manner. Pre-con work will average a few hours each week.

This role involves a non-trivial amount of responsibility, so the ideal candidate hopefully has some positive con-running or volunteering experience.

Please contact for more information on this position

Tech Events Liaison

This person helps to figure out what the technical requirements of Arisia Events are, and documents them for the rest of the tech team. You should have previous tech experience in a convention or festival setting, where one stage serves many different performances. Many Arisia events involve less-experienced performers; you may need to help them identify their technical support needs. This is primarily a pre-con position; at-con you should attend the daily tech meetings to clarify any tech requirements.

Ops Desk Staff

At-Con Ops Desk staff are expected to answer phone calls, be friendly and work well with Arisia members and staff, and follow the process to distribute items such as key cards and radios to staff members who need them. Experience working conventions is a plus! For more information, please contact

Teen Lounge Co-Area Head

I'm recruiting a reliable teenager/young adult who can help open/close/set up/ tear down the teen lounge and take over if something happens. MUST be between ages 13-20 Not a whole lot to do, just make sure that people follow the rules (not too loud, no inappropriate touching or talking, only under-21 allowed in, etc), will be given a room key to teen lounge

Teen Lounge Volunteers

MUST be between ages 13-20 just watch the lounge and make sure everyone follows the rules (no violence, no inappropriate contact or words, only folks 13-20 come into the Teen Lounge, etc)

Volunteers Area Head

The Head of Volunteers is an organized individual with both good communication skills and database management experience, who acts as pre-con liaison with potential volunteers for Arisia and existing staff of Arisia. Area Head of Volunteers will answer all email sent to, help send out social media blasts to encourage potential volunteers to sign up for helping with Arisia at pre-con and at-con position, and fit jobs to volunteers. Strong email communication is required. Communications must be professional and timely. This is mostly a pre-con position, and the Volunteers Area Head will work with Volunteer Lounge Coordinator at the con. The staff of Volunteers must be able to work as a team up and down the chain in the Staff Services Division, and answers to Div Head of Staff Services for progress reports and regular communication.

Arisia TV Program Coordinator

During the convention, Arisia TV (ATV) presents live coverage of some events, as well as playing genre movies and TV episodes, and presents information about the convention.

The Arisia TV Program Coordinator:

  • coordinates with the Video Director to select events for live broadcast on ATV
  • gathers information slides to be shown between features on ATV and works with the ATV technical staff to finalize them
  • creates a schedule filling four days of ATV time with live broadcast events, re-runs of live events, information slides, and movies and TV episodes of interest to the convention
  • ensures that the schedule goes to publications and is included in the pocket program etc
  • coordinates with the ATV technical staff to get video (movies, etc) onto the ATV server in an appropriate format

This is entirely a pre-con position. It’s a good opportunity for a film or video buff to share with the rest of the convention. You should be good at communication via email, and meeting deadlines. This position requires minimal technical expertise - you should be willing to learn about the requirements of our video system, and you should be very comfortable with spreadsheets.

Fast Track Quartermaster

Fast Track Quartermaster will be expected to:

  • Review existing inventory and compare with programming needs, organize list of needed supplies
  • Organize supplies at a pre-con tagging session
  • Prepare supplies for each day of the con (each night for the morning, each lunch break for the afternoon)
  • Inventory remaining supplies at the end of con

Time commitment Pre-Con ~ 4-8 hours, At-Con ~ 4 hours

Webmaster Team Members

We are building a team of 4-6 volunteers to manage the Arisia '15 website and perhaps do other computer and internet things. Please apply here!

Familiarity with drupal and HTML a plus.