IRT Area Head

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Due to the time commitment and responsibilities, the IRT Lead may not have any other significant at-con responsibility at Arisia. "Significant" here means any responsibility that will limit the amount of "time off the clock" that the individual will have at-con, e.g. a large programming load, long shifts for other departments, etc. This will differ slightly person to person, but the goal is to prevent burnout as this position can be both physically and mentally taxing.

  • The IRT Lead works with the ConChair team to make sure they are aligned on the IRT process and define the authority the IRT is given at the convention (i.e. defining what decisions the IRT Lead can make with and without input from the ConChair-On-Duty)
  • Briefs overview and process to the Div Heads (preferably at a DH Meeting in Sept/Oct) and ConCom (preferably Nov/Dec)
  • Hires staff and makes sure they all receive the training required
  • Creates schedule of IRT shifts for all 4 days of the convention
  • IRT Lead is in charge of deciding on actions at-con within the authority defined by the ConChair team. They are also in charge of bringing recommendations from the team to the ConChair-On-Duty for actions that require their approval
  • Trades off shifts with the IRT Deputy to provide constant coverage while the IRT office is open. For overnight coverage, coordinate with Safety DH and Con Chairs on Duty to handle incidents that occur during overnights.
  • Periodically reviews incoming reports and responds to all requests from IRT Managers for input/assistance
  • Holds at least once daily meetings with the IRT Deputy, IRT Managers, and the ConChair-On-Duty to review existing reports and the follow-up tasks, and to discuss possible actions
  • IRT Lead organizes all at-con reports and holds one final review meeting with the IRT Deputy and IRT Managers
  • Sends the final report and all recommendations to the Arisia Eboard no later than the end of the week that follows the convention (e.g. NLT Jan 23, 2024  post-A'24)


  • Necessary skills: diplomacy, negotiation, grace under pressure, verbal communications skills.
  • Must be fluent in Google Sheets and Docs and have good email skills
Managing staff Public-facing Post-con Pre-con Sensitive information handling Web skills At-con