Hotel Reservations

Arisia 2024 will be January 12 - 15, 2024 at the Westin Boston Seaport District hotel.


Booking Details

Rates for 2024 will be:

  • 1 King Bed - $197/night
  • 2 Double Beds - $215/night
  • Suites - $360/night (allocated by the Party Czar -- see "Hotel Suites" below)

The convention is Friday, January 12 to Monday, January 15, 2024.  You may reserve a room starting up to three days earlier or stay up to three days later at the convention rate.

It's still possible to get hotel rooms at the discounted convention rate, but you'll first have to go the Westin website to reserve a room at the normal rate, and then use the Special Request form (you'll need the confirmation number) to request that your reservation is moved to Arisia's room block and get your room rate adjusted.


  • Active Block - these are rooms and sections of floors where we expect there to be noise, mostly from parties but also things like elevators. The idea is for people to self-select these areas to reduce noise complaints from people who’d rather NOT be in those areas. Groups with early rising children should select the Active Block and then submit a request for the Family Floor.
  • Standard Block - Everything else. A normal hotel experience is expected here. We used to call this “Quiet Block” (as an opposite of Active) but that created an expectation that didn’t match reality.
  • Note: Room blocks are sections of hotel floors and are not a complete floors.

You do not need to pay a fee to request an early arrival or a late departure. Nor do you have to pay a fee for a high or low floor. For these and any other requests, please fill out Arisia's Special Request form.

If the Westin reservation system says no rooms are available, try changing your arrival date (e.g. Friday instead of Thursday). If that works, fill out the Special Request form and request the desired arrival date.

Additional Notes The "cut-off date" for reserving rooms in the Arisia Room Blocks at the Westin is December 28.

The fine print:

  • All hotel rates are per night and do not include the 16.45% taxes and fees.
  • All rates are for all occupancy levels, but no more than four (4) people may stay in a room.
  • Rooms include free in-room wireless Internet.
  • The only way to reserve a room is through this web page.
  • Contact Click here to show mail address to cancel your reservation.  All rooms at The Westin must be canceled 72 hours prior to check-in to avoid incurring a penalty.


Please contact Click here to show mail address if you have any questions.