Positions Available for Arisia 2019

Last updated: August 14, 2018

If you don't see a position you like, check the Org Chart — a position without a name might be open. If you fill out a volunteer form, we'll try to find a position for you.

Communications Assistant Division Head

Responsibilities: The Division Head of Communications needs someone to assist with email correspondence, organizing information, staff recruitment, and documentation of timelines and processes for Communications. This position should also be able to help run one or more areas under their direct supervision. Duties will be divided with the Communications Division Head. This is both a pre-con and at-con position.

The Communications division is responsible for electronic and print publications, press, social media, marketing & ad sales, the Arisia Blog, Progress Reports, and the at-con Clear Ether newsletter. Areas have Heads who report to the Division Head and Assistant Division Head. Communications coordinates with other divisions to deliver convention messages to staff, volunteers, attendees, and others under the direction of the Chair team and in cooperation with the other Division Heads. The Communications division uses Slack heavily for real-time coordination.

Contact: @email

Newsdesk Area Head

This is a year-round position for a tech-savvy volunteer. Newsdesk should keep track of other deadlines within the convention in order to reach out to division or area heads that might need help generating content. Newsdesk needs to understand the appropriate time and publication platform for maximum effect. The Newsdesk Area Head also needs to manage a small staff to ensure coverage and shared workload.

Responsibilities: Collect content from multiple internal sources: Arisia convention staff will reach out when they have content they want publicized. Maintain content schedule and timeline. Categorize content for distribution and publishing. Proofread and edit content. This includes working with Digital Media to try to add multimedia content to posts when possible. Send content to other Communication areas (Social Media, Newsletter, etc.) to be published. Manage Newsdesk staff.

Contact: @email

Communications Staff positions

For all listed jobs, contact @email.

Newsletter Staff
Assist the Newsletter Coordinator to create 4-6 editions of Clear Ether, Arisia's at-con print newsletter. Distribute newsletter to designated locations throughout the con. Must have experience collating information from various sources, operating, editing, formatting and troubleshooting with commercial word-processing software to create print documents.
Assistant Press Liaison
Share on-call rotation with the Press Liaison during the convention. This is a light-duty position (8-12 hours total) with a small amount of work beforehand for a person with good verbal skills in English. It is a good way to get your first experience volunteering for Arisia. This position requires dealing with the Press and answering questions about Arisia, its history, activities, and structure. Therefore, it's best if you have some experience attending the con and know something about how Arisia works. You must have a device you can be paged on during the con.

Guest of Honor Pre-Con Staff

Responsibilities: Primary responsibilities are to see to the needs of the guest they are working with, maintain good communication between the guest and the Con, and do so calmly and efficiently. The GOH Pre-Con Staff will work with other areas of convention including Programming, Events, Masquerade, and Art Show, as needed to arrange the guest's schedule to the benefit of the guest and the Con.

Contact: @email

Art Show Jobs

The Arisia Art Show needs help with volunteer coordination, setup, check-in, signage, awards, tours, clerking, cashier positions, and more. Except where indicated, training will be provided pre-con and at-con, including cross-training for pre-con trainees. For all listed jobs, contact @email.

Volunteer Coordinator
Track volunteers and shifts. Orient volunteers at con as they arrive and provide training if needed. Make sure volunteers get breaks and meals. Make sure departing volunteers know when they are needed next. Track cross-training and rebalance volunteers as needed. Interface with Volunteers department at-con. Provide redundancy in time tracking in case of lost timesheets. Act as ombudsman for Art Show staff. Must be available pre-con for cross-training. This job requires a commitment of at least 12 hours of at-con work. Critical times include Thursday and Friday evenings and Sunday 5pm-8pm. Tasks can be performed while seated.
Tally Clerks
Enter information for art being purchased. Training, including cross training with other jobs, will be provided. Grace under pressure desired. 1.5 hour minimum time commitment. Work takes place throughout the weekend. No previous training or experience needed. Attendance at pre-con training session strongly recommended. This position is for a person 18 years old or older.
Collect money from art buyers. Double-check paperwork to ensure ease of artist payment post-con. We strongly desire previous experience as Art Show cashier or tally clerk, or as Arisia registration volunteer. Training and calculation aids will be provided. Grace under pressure desired. 1.5 hour minimum time commitment. Work takes place throughout the weekend. Attendance at pre-con training session strongly recommended. This position is for a person 18 years old or older.
Check-in Clerks
Receive artists at the convention, instruct them in setting up their art, check their setup, and provide a receipt to the artist. Shifts Thursday 8pm to 11pm and Friday 11am to 9pm. Greatest need is Friday noon to 6pm. 1.5 hour minimum time commitment. Tasks can be performed while seated.
Mail-in Clerks
Under the supervision of the mail-in art lead, unbox, lay out, hang, tag, and check in artwork for mail-in artists. At end of con, check out, take down, and repack art. Some light lifting, not exceeding 5 pounds. Setup work requires neatness and aesthetic judgment. Work takes place Thursday between 8pm and 11pm, Friday between 10am and 6pm, Sunday between 8pm and 11pm, and Monday between 10am and 1pm. 1.5 hour minimum time commitment.
Check-out Clerks
Guide artists through the checkout process at the end of the convention. Shifts will be available Sunday evening 6pm-9:30pm and Monday morning 9:30am-1:30pm. 1.5 hour minimum time commitment. Tasks can be performed while seated.
Bag Check Clerks
help ensure the safety of the art in the Art Show by storing and retrieving bags and other bulky items for visitors. Maintain organized storage space for quick retrieval of belongings upon presentation of claim checks. Some lifting required. Answer questions about the Art Show and the convention in general, from a provided answer sheet. Maintain cheerful disposition, as you are the first Art Show staff a visitor encounters. Lifting required. 1.5 hour minimum time commitment. Shifts will be available throughout the weekend. No previous training or experience needed.
Door Dragons
Ensure that no bulky or dangerous items are brought into the Art Show. Politely direct owners of bulky items to the Bag Check. Hand out Popular Choice award ballots. Check access credentials during certain art show closed hours. Count visitors to the show using a tally counter. 1.5 hour minimum time commitment. Shifts will be available throughout the weekend. No previous training or experience needed. Assertiveness required.
Quicksale Pickup Clerks
Final check, at pickup time, that receipts match purchases. Sunday afternoon 4:30pm to 8:30pm and Monday morning 9:30am to 1:30pm. Minimum time commitment 1.5 hours.
Tour Director
Keep track of all the docent tours of the Art Show, maybe drum up new ones. Coordinate with the GoH liaisons and Programming to make sure that the tours don't all happen at once and get into the Pocket Program. Maintain a web page about the tours, provide content for signage, corral information the tour leaders will need, and so forth. You might even arrange for an early tour to be recorded and put up as a podcast so that people can do a self-guided tour - the work here is probably mostly in selecting a podcast distribution mechanism and making sure that your tour leader has access to it. 15 hours total time commitment.
Awards Director
Order award ribbons. Coordinate with GoHs, Con Chair, etc. to make sure everyone chooses their awards on time. Count popular choice ballots. Notify Newsletter of award results. Time commitment: 2 hours precon, 3 hours at con.
Setup & Teardown Crew Members
Under the supervision of the setup crew leads, assemble and disassemble pipe, drape, pegboard, and lighting equipment. All tasks involve lifting items ranging in weight from 5 pounds solo lift to 50 pounds team lift. A few tasks suitable for blind volunteers are available, as are some seated tasks. Pipe and lighting equipment requires tool use. Pipe assembly includes floor level work. Lighting assembly involves use of stepladders. Work takes place Thursday between 11am and 7pm and Monday between 1pm and 4pm. No previous experience or training required.
Review signs for Art Show and redesign as needed. Make sure sign requests are submitted for Sign Shop deadlines. Put signs up on Thursday afternoon at con. 5 hours total time commitment.

Innkeeper Staff Jobs

The Innkeeper team manages the sleeping rooms at the various hotels where Arisia has signed a contract. We manage all the special requests and reservation changes for attendees. There is a strong customer focus on our team; this is a great place for being able to make connections directly with members and providing them with a positive interaction with the convention. For all listed jobs, contact @email.

Focus areas can be combined for someone who is interested in multiple things or you can be focused on a single task. Reports to Innkeeper Area Head and Assistant Innkeeper (pre-Con).

Focus: Inbox Management
The Innkeeper inbox needs a traffic cop, once a day, maybe for an hour, as scheduled. Check the Innkeeper Gmail account, tag incoming mail, and assign to someone's attention if necessary. Respond to common inquiries with standard responses. You can help draft those responses and document how the inbox is handled as we refine and improve the process. Expected busy times are September around room reservations opening and then selling out, December around deposits, and January.
Focus: Quality Control
Innkeeper exchanges with the hotels need careful review. Quality Control will double-check that requests sent to the hotel match what the members requested, that the hotel did what was requested, and then will email the member with a standard message. You can write scripts to automate these tasks. Requires attention to detail and following a consistent protocol. Expected busy times are November, December, and January, initially once or twice a week and increasing to 3-5 times a week.
Focus: Deposit Correspondence
Westin deposits are collected in mid-December. Deposit Correspondence will contact attendees whose deposits didn't go through and make sure they are aware of the issue and how they may resolve it. You can handle all deposit-related questions from the inbox and improve the deposit FAQ. There is no interaction with the credit card numbers. Expected busy times for this position are in December.

Assistant Innkeepers (Pre-Con)

Responsibilities: Assist the Innkeeper Area Head running pre-con Innkeeper functions. The Assistant Innkeeper will learn all the Innkeeper Staff functions and assist with those as needed. Work with the Area Head to refine existing processes and documentation. This is an excellent position for someone who wants to learn the Innkeeper area for future Arisias.

Access Services Coordinator

Responsibilities: Assist Arisia in complying with ADA regulations and advocating for the needs of people with disabilities within the convention. This is a pre-con and at-con position.

Pre-con: work with the Web team to ensure Access information on the convention website is up to date and accurate. Coordinate access requests and outside vendors. Write and publish Public Service Announcements (adapted from previous years). Book CART and ASL providers. Oversee production of accessible text materials. Coordinate with Arisia Innkeeper to facilitate Hotel-related medical requests for attendees staying in the hotel.

At-con: Coordinate with other areas like The Watch, Tech, Line Management, Art Show, and Info Desk to address access needs at con; communicate how those needs are met to attendees. Manage a small staff of volunteers who will put up access signs and mark "parking spaces" in rooms. Coordinate CART and ASL providers for scheduled Programming and Events.

Contact @email.