Arisia 2021 Day 2: Updates

Greetings & Salutations!

Welcome to day 2 of Arisisa 2021. In this post, you will find updated schedule information, key services access information, and a link to our freshly published souvenir book. To access Arisia 2021 con space, events, panels, and more, make sure you are registered then click on to log in to the virtual site. See this post regarding Discord & Zoom as well.

Updates to Saturday January 16’s Schedule are below:


Session Title


11:30 AM

Recovery Check-in Meetup


8:30 PM

The Future of Food

David Shaw removed, Diana Hsu Added

12:00 PM

Doors to Darkness: An Intro To Call of Cthulhu


5:30 PM

Cut the Boring Parts

Christopher Paniccia removed, EC Ambrose added, made moderator

8:30 PM

Broad Universe Rapid Fire reading

Added: Sara Codair, Anne Nydam. Carol Gyzander, Roberts Rogow and Roxanne Bland

11:30 AM

Suzanne Palmer reading

Session added

11:30 AM

Just The facts: Batteries

Panel cancelled


Just The facts: Supervolcanoes

Richard Moore removed

1:00 PM

Saturday Feedback session

no longer being captioned


Help Desk

If you run into technical difficulties, the Help Desk on Discord is here to help! If you are looking for information about using the remote site or attending programming virtually, click here to access the Info pages. If you would like to chat with someone who can help you, you can do so via video (Zoom) hereYou can also find a text chat in Discord in the #help-desk channel.

Incident Response Team                                                                                                       

Arisia has a process to address issues that arise during the convention.

Persons directly impacted by the incident and witnesses (attendees, staff, volunteers, guests, panelists, and members of the public) are welcome to file a confidential incident report regarding Arisia Community members inappropriate behavior.

Filing an Incident Report with Arisia's Incident Response Team (IRT) is one way to alert the Con Chair Team to Code of Conduct violations or a behavior issue during Arisia 2021.

Arisia's Incident Response Team (IRT) is specifically tasked with intaking and addressing any reports of violation of the Code of Conduct or other member behavior issues regarding Arisia Community members.

The IRT is only empowered to take actions that impact the convention at which the report is taken. At the end of the convention, all incident reports are handed off to the Incident Report Management Committee (IRMC) of the Arisia E-board for review, complete with all follow-up conducted at the convention, any actions already taken, and any recommendations from the IRT for further actions.

IRT can be contacted by:

Discord #irt-hall-desk

Arisia 2021 - Self File - Incident Report Form



Phone: (617) 657-9756

Games Info                                                                            

  • Space Cats is meowing through a galaxy near you. Join the fun on the #SpaceCats Discord server at 10am!
  • Are you looking for a LARP or game to play? So too are other attendees! Join the #Gaming channel and look for #looking-for-online-games, looking-for-larps, and looking-for-players to connect.

Artist Guest of Honor Takes Commissions

Our Artist Guest of Honor, Hannibal King is hosting a commission table each day of the Con. Here’s your chance to commission your own Hannibal King original. Hours & location for Saturday are below:

When: 2:30 - 5:30 PM

Where: Art Show Breakout Room


Registration Update!

1363 registered as of 10:20p 1/15/2021

660 members on Discord as of 10:20p 1/15/2021

Souvenir Book is Online

We are proud and excited to announce that the Arisia2021 souvenir book is online for your viewing pleasure! Check out works by our artist, writer, and fan guests of honor here.


Arisia 2021 and Arisia logo tee shirts are available on Redbubble as print-to-order. Many additional styles are available, and each style is available in many colors. Prices are around $20 plus shipping. Shirts from recent Arisia conventions are available at our website. off your fabulous costume(s) online with other Arisia fans by emailing us your pics at @email.

Please include how you would like the photo to be credited and captioned. Note: by sending pictures to this address, you agree that you are the person in the photograph, and you give permission to Arisia, Inc. to use your name and photo on its website and/or social media. All pics should be family friendly.