Accessibility At Arisia

Access Info Desk

At the convention, the Access Info Desk will be located in the lobby on the west side, next to the elevators and near the Starbucks. There you will find alternative formats (large print & Braille) print materials, including the Pocket Program, Restaurant Guide, and map of the hotel.


  • Friday 4:00pm—10:00pm
  • Saturday 8:30am—7:00pm
  • Sunday 8:30am—8:30pm
  • Monday 8:00am—3:30pm

Available Services

Arisia is committed to being a diverse and inclusive event that attempts to provide accommodation for people with disabilities. We have the following services for attendees, available by request:

  • Alternative format publications: electronic text, Braille and large-format versions of publications
  • Assistive Listening Devices in the Main Events room
  • ASL interpreters
  • CART service
  • Priority seating for persons with disabilities
  • Tactile tours of the Art Show, and of Masquerade costumes (at halftime)
  • Audio Description of the Masquerade (Using the LiveVoice app)
  • Sensory Kits (includes 1 Arisia water bottle, 1 plastic sunglasses, 2 fidget toys, 1 single-use mint essential oil silicone nose “ring”, 1 single-use warming eye mask, 1 pair earplugs)
  • Free memberships for PCAs (Personal Care Assistants — also called “Adult-in-tow memberships”)

ASL Interpretation schedule

  • Saturday
    • 10:00am –11:00am: Winona Nelson art & career (Marina 2)
    • 11:30am–12:30pm: Dungeons, Dragons, and Writers: A Live Event (Stone)
    • 1:00pm–2:00pm: Get Rec'd! Books for Aspiring Writers (Faneuil)
    • 2:30pm–3:30pm: Saturday Afternoon Readings (18+) (Faneuil)
    • 4:00pm–5:00pm: What Happens When a Pirate Interviews a Villain (Marina 2)
    • 5:30pm–6:30pm: Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading (Faneuil)
    • 7:00pm–8:00pm: What We Learn From Gaming (Stone)
    • 8:00pm–9:00pm: Windborne Concert (Grand AB)
  • Sunday
    • 10:00am-11:00am: Depicting Diversity in Visual Art (Marina 4)
    • 11:30am-12:00pm: Disability and Family (Alcott)
    • 1:00pm-2:00pm: Don't Overprepare: Outlining a TTRPG campaign (Marina 3)
    • 2:30pm-5:00pm Chaos Live and In Colour (Live Play) (Marina 2)
    • 8:00pm-10:00pm: Masquerade (Grand AB)

CART Services will be available at:

Saturday 1/13

  • Marina Ballroom 2
    • 10:00am –11:00am: Winona Nelson art & career
    • 5:30pm – 6:30pm: Nostalgia Ain’t What it Used To Be
  • Stone
    • 11:30am –12:30pm: Dungeon, Dragons & Writers: a live event
    • 4:00pm –5:00pm: Hallucinating Shakespeare

Sunday 1/14

  • Marina Ballroom 2
    • 10:00am –11:00am: Ryka Aoki Reading
  • Marina Ballroom 1
    • 1:00pm -3:00pm: Year in Science
  • Grand Ballroom
    • 8:00pm – 11:000pm: Masquerade

If you have hotel-related accessibility needs, including lower floor, roll-in shower, or light-up doorbell, make a regular room reservation first, then fill out the Special Request form.

Priority Seating

We will be offering priority seating at large events for attendees who need it. Please look for the BLUE or YELLOW taped off areas, which are designated for people with wheeled mobility devices. The front rows in each room are reserved for those with vision or hearing needs. If you need assistance navigating the hotel, please stop by the Access Info Desk, and we will be happy to either walk you to your destination or check the map with you.

If you have any questions about accessibility or if you would like to request an accommodation we don't offer, please send an email message to We'll try our best to accommodate your needs.

Quiet Room

We have a Quiet Room in the convention hotel, which is designated as a space to take a break from the noise and chaos of the con and those omnipresent fluorescent lights. To help people with allergies, we request that this be a food-free and low-scent space. This space is near the all-gender restroom on the lobby level. We will have the following sections: sensory (darker, “galaxy” wall light, sequin floor mat), tables w/chairs and overhead light for coloring, fidget toys, and ear plugs. On Sunday we will have chair/seated Yoga - see quiet room or Access Info Desk for time.


Arisia makes full use of the hotel facilities. Events are spread out, and a significant amount of walking will be required. There are a number of places to sit and rest in the hallways, in large corridors outside the ballrooms, near the panel rooms, and in the main lobby of the hotel. However, we recommend that if you use mobility aids, you should bring them or arrange a rental for the convention.

The Westin no longer handles scooter rentals. For scooter rentals, please contact one of the following companies: Scooteraround [1-888-441-7575)

Service Animals

Arisia is happy to welcome attendees with service animals. People with allergies should note that we expect a number of attendees with dogs, so they should medicate accordingly. We also ask that everyone respect the working animals and give them appropriate space. Please do not pet or otherwise distract service animals unless invited to do so by their owners.

Per ADA rules, service animals are not required to be on a physical leash so long as they are under the control of their people. If you have any doubts or questions, speak to the person politely, first. If you see an animal running untended in the hotel, notify The Watch or Innkeeper staff who can coordinate with the hotel.

Feedback on Access at Arisia

If you have ideas about how we might improve Access Services, or if you would like to volunteer to help, we would love to hear from you. Please email Click here to show mail address.

To request or suggest new accommodations (in general or for yourself) please complete the form here.