Quick Reference

Quick Reference for Arisia '22

Last updated: 1/1/2022 - This information is subject to change

Access Services - Info Desk
Art Show - Harbor Ballroom II/III (3 East)
Friday 6pm—9pm
10pm—12am Art Show Reception
Saturday 10am—6pm, 8pm—10pm
7pm—8pm Mobility aid users & pals only
Sunday 10am—6pm
5—8pm Purchased art pick-up only
Monday 10am—1pm Purchased art pick-up only
Bake Sale - Con Suite (Grand C/D)
Coat Check - Concourse Level (1 West)
Friday 3pm—1am
Sat/Sun 8am—1am
Monday 8am—2pm
Con Suite - Grand C/D (1 West)
Cosplay Repair Station - Concourse Level (1 West)
Friday 5pm—9pm
Sat/Sun 9:30am—9:30pm
Creators' Corner - Harbor II/III (Art Show) (3 East)
Same hours as Art Show
Dance Hall (incl. club dancing) - Commonwealth Ballroom (1 West)
Dealers Room - Galleria (1 East)
Friday 5pm—9pm
Sat/Sun 10am—7pm (closed for lunch 1:00 - 2:30 pm)
Monday 10am—2:30pm
Duck Hunt - turn in at Team Arisia HQ
Fan Tables - Mezzanine near escalator (3 West)
Friday 4pm—7pm
Sat/Sun 10am—6pm
Monday 10am—2pm
Fast Track (Children’s Program: ages 5–12) - Hancock/Webster (2 West)
Friday 4pm—6pm
Sat/Sun 10am—11:30am, 1pm—5:30pm
Monday 8:30am—1:30pm
Fill out a form at Info Desk or Ops; feedback sessions Sat & Mon.
First Aid (in case of emergency, dial 911) - Stone (2 West)
24 hours/day
Food Options
Food Trucks at end of Concourse
Birch Bar:
Lobby level concessions:
MJ O'Connors
Room Service
4pm - 11pm
Starbucks (Westin Lobby):
Gaming—Tabletop - Harbor Ballroom I (3 East)
Closed 3am—6am
Gaming—Video - Carlton (3 East)
Friday 5pm—11pm
Sat/Sun 11am—11pm
Gender Free Bathrooms
Outside Marina 4 (2 East)
Near Bulfinch (3 West)
Green Room/Staff Den - Lewis (3 East)
No food (Program Participants & Staff only)
Friday 4pm—9pm
Sat/Sun 9am—9pm
Monday 9am—3pm
Westin main number: 617-532-4600
Incident Response Team (IRT) - Paine (2 West)
Call/text 617-657-9756 OR
Email: incidents@arisia.org
8am-8pm (on call 24 hours)
After hours go to Safety in Stone
Information Desk - Westin Lobby (near Gift Shop)
Friday 10:30am—11:30pm
Saturday 8:30am—11:30pm
Sunday 8:30am—8:30pm
Monday 8:30am—3:30pm
Innkeeper - Lobby near Front Desk
Email: innkeeper@arisia.org
Hours TBA
Lost and Found - Hotel Front Desk
Lost badges: go to Registration.
Masquerade - Grand Ballroom AB (1 West)
Sunday 8pm (doors open at 7pm)
Sign-up and Check-In - Grand Prefunction (1 West)
Friday 4pm—9pm
Saturday 10am—5pm
Sunday 10am—noon
Rehearsals - Grand Ballroom B (1 West)
Saturday 10am—2pm
Sunday 2pm—5:30pm
Green Room - Commonwealth (1 West)
Sunday 6pm—½ hour after Awards
Minecraft - Independence (3 East)
Friday TBD
Saturday TBD
Sunday TBD
Monday TBD
Newsdesk - Frost (3 West)
Clear Ether email: newsletter@arisia.org
Sign Shop email: signshop@arisia.org
Friday: 8am—midnight
Sat/Sun: 8am—midnight
Monday: 8am—3pm
Operations (Con Ops) - Stone (2 West)
Call/text 617-553-4652
Westin Hotel Garage: Self-parking $44/day, valet parking $54/day
Party Room Block (Open Parties) - 4th floor
Pool and Gym (3 West)
Open: 5am-10pm
Program Nexus - Executive Boardroom (3 West)
Friday 3pm-9pm
Sat/Sun 9am-noon, 3pm-6pm
Monday 9am-3pm
Quiet Room - Room 667
Friday 6pm—8pm
Sat/Sun 10am—8pm
Monday 10am—1pm
Registration - Concourse Level (1 West)
Friday 11am—10pm (1-day rate: $30)
Saturday 9am—10pm(1-day rate: $50)
Sunday 9am—6pm (1-day rate: $50)
Monday 9am—1pm(1-day rate: $15)
Lost badges $5 (once only, after that full price).
Arisia 2023 memberships available starting Sunday noon and online at: reg.arisia.org.
Safer Space for Arisians of Color - Room 567
Safety Team (Security) - Stone (2 West)
24 hours/day
Call/text 617-863-2472
In case of emergency or immediate threat dial 911
Sign Shop - See News Desk
Team Arisia HQ (Volunteers) - Quincy (2 West)
Friday 4pm—10pm
Sat/Sun 10am—10pm
Monday 10am—4pm
Teen Lounge (Ages 13–19 only) - TBA