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Arisia 2025 will be at the Hyatt Regency Boston/Cambridge, January 17-20, 2025.

This website is in the process of migrating from Arisia 2024 to Arisia 2025.

Charitable Causes

Arisia is pleased to support a number of charitable causes. If you would like to inquire about getting support for your preferred charity, email Click here to show mail address and we can help you find the right person to talk with. Arisia also runs occasional charitable events such as raffles or contest; no additional charitable events are planned for this year.

Arisia's Coat Check/Goat Check is free to attendees and has a voluntary "tip jar" for charity. For example, in 2019, the tip jar collected over $250 for Community Servings, a not-for-profit food and nutrition program providing services throughout Massachusetts to individuals and families living with critical and chronic illnesses.

Blood Drive

Arisians have donated more than 1,500 units of blood since 2004. Our donations support Mass General Hospital and Boston Children’s Hospital. The donation vans are only available for limited times during the convention, so we strongly urge donors to make an appointment in advance. Information on hours, how to make a donation appointment, and what we’ve done in the past can be found on the blood drive page.

Please bear in mind that Arisia does not make the rules for who can donate blood. We follow rules given to us by the receiving hospital.